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EDEN – a cycle of 8 piano pieces inspired by the Garden of Eden. All pieces composed and performed by Giovanna Van Leeuwen                                                                                                                    

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The theme draws from Creation in the book of Genesis, transporting you back in time to Eden a place of fresh joy, refreshment and restoration!

Music CD and sheet-music to be launched soon!

I explore composition through improvisation and combine both my knowledge of structured classical music and elements of jazz improvisation in creating music that paints a story through sound, forming a contemporary and approachable style of music, for the enjoyment of students, performers and music listeners.

My compositions engage in exploring social & spiritual themes, taking the performer on a musical journey!

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EDEN:   Music tracks  –  all compositions written and performed by Giovanna Van Leeuwen:

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  • 1/ In the Garden
  • 2/ In the Beginning
  • 3/ Fragrance of Heaven
  • 4/ Bird of Paradise
  • 5/ Rays of Light
  • 6/ Eden
  • 7/ Four Rivers
  • 8/ Tree of Life